We offer a number of videos, online and in-person best practice training options related to suicide prevention. Find the training solution that is right for you or your organization.

What is AS+K?

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ASK About Suicide To Save A Life is a best practice gatekeeper training that teaches how to identify suicide risk factors, protective factors, warning signs & appropriate referral strategies. We offer three training options: view ASK videos for online certification, view videos along with backup materials, or in person workshops. It is a best practice based training listed in the BPR Section III Adherence to Standards (Click here for more).

The ASK certification training is intended to meet Texas K-12 public school suicide prevention training requirements and other suicide prevention training needs. Our online and video ASK trainings are free of charge.

***This course is for only Texas residents and may not meet your state’s training requirements*** Contact for more information or questions. 

Select a Training Method

In-Person Training

Trainers for ASK about Suicide to Save a Life workshops are available statewide and may be in your community. For more information about our 1-1/2 to 4 hour workshops contact us please use our contact form by clicking here .

Additional Training & Resources

Suicide Prevention Resources in Texas

Suicide Prevention Resources in Texas

Tips from Jenna Heise, State Suicide Prevention Coordinator, Texas DSHS; Mike Maples, Deputy Commissioner, Texas DSHS and Dr. Kari Wolf, Seton Mind Institute.

Trainer Portals

The following portals are for trainers who are certified to train in ASK+ and CALM.