Preventing Suicide in Your Community

Learn what to do if someone you know presents warning signs associated with suicide.

How You Can Help Your Community Prevent Suicides

Join a Group

Suicide is a preventable public health problem and many communities have organized groups to address the issue, such as the local coalitions of the Texas Suicide Prevention Council, chapters of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, affiliates of Mental Health America, National Alliance for Mental Illness, or Depression Bipolar Alliance. Join one of these groups, if there is one in your area.

Start a Coalition or Add Suicide Prevention to an Existing Group

If your community does not have an organized group, you may want to start one, or add suicide prevention as a priority to an existing group. We have found that adding suicide prevention to already established mental health group, such as a local mental health task force, is often more successful than starting a new group.

The Texas Suicide Prevention Council has 15 local coalitions statewide and we can help you establish one in your area.