This section provides information and resources for supporting those who have lost a loved one by death by suicide.   Find Texas-based support groups, guidelines and additional information for the grieving process.

As with any sudden or unexpected death, those who have lost a loved one to death by suicide (often called survivors of suicide) have not had time to say goodbye. This suddenness, coupled with the violence of a death by suicide and common misunderstanding and stigma surrounding the death, can greatly intensify, complicate and extend the time of the grief process. It is important to remember and know that it may be normal for survivors to face guilt about being unable to save the life of their loved one and spend time asking “why” their love one took their own life before being able to move forward in the grief process. It is also important to know that survivors may be at increased risk of death by suicide themselves so that professional mental health support is readily available if needed. Anyone who believes or suspects that they are facing Complicated Grief and/or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is encouraged to get professional mental health