ASK Certification Training

ASK Certified Training: a 1 hour and 15 minute training including a 10 question quiz at the completion of the video series.  This program is suited for persons who need to meet employer requirements for suicide prevention gatekeeper training.


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ASK Certified Training 

Welcome to ASK About Suicide To Save A Life Training Certification

This online training is intended to meet Texas K-12 public school suicide prevention training requirements and other suicide prevention training needs. It is a best practice based training listed in the BPR Section III Adherence to Standards.

ASK About Suicide To Save A Life provides participants with an overview of the basic epidemiology of suicide and suicidal behavior, including risk and protective factors. Through this five-part video series, participants are trained to recognize warning signs—behaviors and characteristics that might indicate elevated risk for suicidal behavior—and how to intervene with a person they think might be at risk for suicide.

About the ASK Training

This is a five-part video series that takes approximately one hour to complete. Each video is 10-15 minutes in length. As you complete each video, simply click the “next” button at the bottom of the screen and it will automatically direct you to the next video in the series. After you have finished viewing the five part series, there is a short 10-question quiz. You will need a passing score to confirm your status as completing the video series. You must watch these videos carefully, if you do not watch at least 1 hour of videos your certification, the training does not meet state requirements.  The amount of time you spend watching the videos and taking the quiz are recorded and show on the pass/fail email you receive.  Even if you pass the quiz, if you have not taken an hour of video training your certification may be invalid.  If you do not receive a passing score of 80%, please review the accompanying PowerPoint and repeat the quiz. You may log out and resume your training at a later time/date.


  • Before beginning the training, be sure to download the accompanying PowerPoint and handouts. These notes will be very helpful in navigating the quiz at the end of the video series.
  • To begin the video training, click the Take the Training button below. You must create an account to initiate the training videos. You may stop and resume later during the quiz.
  • When you are ready to resume, return to this page, and click on the button below and use the resume option.
  • After you have passed the quiz, you can download and print your certificate of completion.
  • Requirement Hour of validated video training time! Watch the videos check the time on the email you receive if not at least one hour your certification may not be valid. 

You will need a passing score to confirm your status as completing the video series. To meet the training requirement for educators, please watch these videos carefully and in their entirety because one hour or more of training time is required. This program is designed to meet this requirement and the length of time the program is engaged is recorded in the certificate, even if you pass the quiz.  If necessary You may log out and resume your training at a later time/date.