The Stories of Help and Hope video series contains nine additional videos and discussion guides, scroll down to see all nine videos.

The Stories of Help and Hope video series contains nine videos and discussion guides.  Mental Health America of Texas, in collaboration with the Texas Suicide Prevention Council and the Texas Department of State Health Services, has developed  Stories of Help and Hope as part of their commitment to broaden the public’s awareness of suicide, its risk factors, protective factors, and prevention strategies. It is one tool to help increase community capacity to identify and refer young people and adults who are at risk of suicide and suicide attempts. This video series shares the stories of nine young adults who either reached out for help themselves when they were depressed and/or had thoughts of suicide or referred a friend to helping resources when they were in need.

Videos and Discussion Guide

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Alejandro’s Story:

Tawnee’s Story:

Marty’s Story:

Lynzee’s Story:

Shania and Sydney’s Story:

Krista’s Story:

Kurt’s Story:

Zach’s Story:

Maggie’s Story:

Video Discussion Guide

In addition to these nine short videos (under 5 minutes each), a Video Discussion Guide also accompanies this series: “Stories of Help and Hope” Video Discussion Guide