Suicide Prevention Month 2023

National Suicide Prevention Month

September is National Suicide Prevention Month. While suicide prevention is important to focus on year-round, September provides a dedicated time for us to join in with other organizations, communities, and individuals to create one voice saying that there is hope. Additionally, raising this awareness provides an opportunity to share where individuals can find help and that healing is possible.

Messaging Toolkit

This toolkit is designed for any person, organization, and community to use as a starting point to discuss mental health and suicide prevention.

The toolkit contains images for a variety of social media platforms in addition to a playbook providing verbiage to accompany the images. We encourage you to tailor these messages to meet your local community’s needs.

We recommend you post daily during the month of September and use our follow-up images and post copy for the first week in October.

To get the message out to as many individuals as possible, please use these hashtags so others can find your posts:

    • #StopTXSuicides
    • #BeThe1To
    • #ArtHeals
    • #BeThere
    • #SPM23

Download the Suicide Prevention Month 2023 Weekly Social Media Playbook

Download Suicide Prevention Week 1

Download Suicide Prevention Week 2

Download Suicide Prevention Week 3

Download Suicide Prevention Week 4

Download Suicide Prevention Week 5 – Follow-up

Contact Information

If you have questions, please reach out to